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This word will not find its meaning in the dictionary. Changealization has been coined for the book that is released for Change Management which deals with digitalization in our ever changing environment. The fusion of the two words, namely, Change and Digitalization This book sugges various techniques and frameworks to deploy change management in organizations and personal life in the digital era and consistent changes in the industrial evolution. Some of the concepts that we use for Change Management for organizations and personal lifes and that have been detailed in the book are shown below as reference. We train, coach and advise organizations and individuals using these frameworks and methodoligies for their implementations.

With this philosophy of change and transformation, this book refers to an ideology using 3 monks as a metaphor representing 3 systems consisting of methodologies and techniques that are essential to bring about change and transformations in the fast-changing new world, we live in.



The conversations of these monks, dig deeper and expound change principles, its execution, and the management of change. This change could be internal on a personal front or at an institutionalized level for organizations, in various phases of growth, maturity and decline.

These monks are named as TIB, TOB and SOM and stand for Think-Inside-the-Box, Think-Outside-the-Box and Strategic Operations Management, respectively. These are most adept and competent in their respective areas of description. They share their experiences in personal growth and  in dealing with three phases of an organization called SOUL ( Shaping Opportunities Unlimited LLC ) represented by “G” as Mr. Grow, “S” as Mr. Stable and “D” as Mr. Decline.

This book can assist changes and transformations in organizations seeking or improving current systems and methodologies for identifying their current cycles of growth, stability, and decline. The practical techniques and best practices, mentioned in the book can accelerate and successfully implement and manage changes and transformations through a defined system, for competitive advancements and achieving goals to meet the challenges of this new era of ever-heightened changing environments.

This can be of help for individuals who find themselves missing out on a larger purpose while they are serving their journey on earth. The systems and methods can be used to find their purpose and create ideal goals in a systematic way to achieve what they have set out themselves to achieve, for a peaceful life with progressive and ideal goals.


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We tend to lead 99% of our whole life to find that 1% that completes us. This could be through relationships, work-life, professional life, our social life, or our passions, which come and go. Science has discovered that nothing in the universe is constant and that everything is matter, vibrating consistently, including every cell of our body. This vibration further produces energy like electromagnetic waves, that attract and repel energy fields based on their orientation and frequency. So, if you have conscious clarity in knowing the life that you want to lead, you simply need to orient yourself at the right frequency to attract what you seek. Universe has simple laws to lead a joyous life, which has been inherent since the time of our birth, the need is to awaken ourselves by tuning ourselves to that higher self.Those who have a deep desire within, and are on a journey, to know one’s self better, to find a lasting progression in work and life for leading a joyous life, wherever you are in your journey, this book can accelerate your path to your destination.
With a conscious effort applied consistently, this book can help you to understand basic laws and principles of various connections in the universe. With this understanding, it will further enable methodical, simple to use techniques, that can be used on a day-to-day basis to remind you and awaken you to be tuned with your higher self.
The book references deep scientific reasoning and studies, to trust yourself in the techniques and the concepts to apply in your day-to-day life, while you manifest yourself to lead a joyous and successful life.
The premise of various techniques suggested herewith, forms its basis on the virtue of the fact that your observations result into Thoughts, your Thoughts result in your Beliefs, Beliefs in various situations result in your Experiences, your Experiences result in your Reaction. Your Reactions and their results create Wisdom for us to react in similar futuristic situations and seek answers therein if the results are different from our earlier experiences.
Nature has provided us with our inborn intelligence which is gauged through our IQ to solve various problems, and our Emotional Intelligence is gauged through our EQ. EQ cultivates over time to help us take appropriate decisions.
What we provide to our conscious mind intends to create a belief system that formulates our wisdom. As you proceed through various chapters, the understanding of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and your superconscious mind will help you create a system of connection between all three. This will further help in feeding kosher inputs and ingredients for abundance and the successful life that you envisage. In the process of cultivating this habit you will understand your outer self, inner self, and your higher self.
With these connections and various techniques discussed, with practical examples, will help you tune in to your higher self for seeking answers for your professional life, social life, and relationships.
Your self-assessed SQ ( spiritual quotient ) will give rise to your personal quotient or PQ. This can lead to understanding and improving areas of life in a methodical and systematized manner to face and rise above your current circumstances and climb the value chain of the frequency chart of your emotions.
This ecosystem will help you seek the purpose of your life and to fulfill it with love and happiness, creating a joyous relationship with your fellow beings and the environment, building peace, wealth, and abundance for you and your generations to come.
Intermittent tuning to your higher self can then be attempted to be made as a permanent tuning by a few cultivated habits and systemic approaches if you choose to do so. Most of these rules and systems, applied over a period, of time. will help in fulfilling your desire to a point of permanency.

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